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Richard Green

Host, Producer & Reviewer

Richard Green

Richard is an arts practitioner with over 25 years experience in theatre, film, festivals, music and events.

An award winning script writer, founder of the longest running T.I.E company in New Zealand and stay at home dad, he runs the sponsoring trust that funds KickArts which specialises in arts access.

Passionate about the arts and its contribution to society, he started KickArts as a vehicle to promote not only arts events but also discover the personalities and characters who make up Auckland’s arts community.

The father of three is Chair of his local school board and relaxes in the kitchen with a glass of wine while creating exotic food.

Enny Benzonelli

Step-in Host, Co-Producer & Webmaster

Enny Benzonelli

Enny moved to New Zealand from Switzerland in 2009 after an extensive career in banking to fulfil his passion for film and television. He attended South Seas Film and Television School and after a soul searching tour of Aotearoa, he felt in love with New Zealand and made Auckland his home.

When Richard decided to start KickArts, he approached Enny to be the TV Reviewer/Co-Host. After almost 5 years on the mic, Enny has decided to step back for a little while as a co-host, focussing on his editing work. He is still active in the backstage updating KickArts brand and webpage and from time to time steps in to cover for Richard.

Enny freelances in the media industry on numerous interesting projects. He is an indipendent editor, web designer, producer, director with a high level of artistic skills and a magnificent eye for detail. Enny has worked on feature and short films, indie, commercial and corporate projects.

Georgia Parker


Enny Benzonelli

Hailing from Titirangi, brought up listening to just the right amount of Pat Methany, Georgia is a very enthusiastic member of the Kickarts team.

Involved in the local music scene, Georgia works part time for St Jerome's Laneway Festival and the Titirangi Music Festival, as well as volunteering and working with other community events throughout the year. She has an Arts Degree in Sociology and Art History from Auckland University, and is currently studying to practice Counselling.

Georgia really enjoys participating in the local arts culture, often seeing theatre shows and live music around Auckland.

Carolynn Day


Carolynn Day

Carolynn was imported from the UK a dozen years ago and has grown here like a weed ever since. She has no background in The Arts whatsoever, clearly making her the ideal choice as a reviewer for this show.

Worse than that, she’s one of those people who prefers craft to creativity, and thinks writers, directors, sound & lighting crew, event organisers, designers and administrators should get far more credit than they currently do.

When she’s not doing something in a dimly lit room for KickArts she’s either trying to organise the heck out of something, or watching a Scandinavian detective show with her partner and her cat.

Jay Stone


Paula Crimmens

Born on a small Island off the south coast of England, Jay used to run comic shops and now makes a living advising companies how not to piss off their customers.

She’s also a virtual punk DJ, pop art dabbler, recycled fashionista and erstwhile radio presenter. Her relaxation techniques include curry, computer games and binge-watching sci fi on Netflix.

Jay is a voracious consumer of live theatre, comedy and music and is keen to offer her opinion whether you asked her or not. Luckily KickArts do ask.

Paula Crimmens

Books & Theatre Reviewer

Paula Crimmens

After a successful career as an actor and director in London, Paula retrained as a drama therapist and in 2006 set up Interacting theatre which aims to maximise the potential of disabled people through active participation in theatre.

Interacting hosts the annual Disability Arts festival Interact! and runs drama and film making classes throughout Auckland for people with a disability.

She is the author of two drama therapy books and numerous short plays.

Adam Fresco

Movies & Theatre Reviewer

Adam Fresco

Born in London, Adam wrote for, produced, directed and trained actors in British Theatre before working for ITV Television, where he ran the renowned ITV Television Workshop, producing, writing and directing everything from documentaries to children’s shows.

Now a New Zealand citizen, Adam was Director of South Seas Film & Television School, before establishing his own production company, DramaTrain, and completing a Masters in Creative Writing, at Auckland University.

In 2014, Adam joined new Auckland-based Imagine Studios NZ / Studio 08 as Producer, Director and Cat Juggler for television and live theatre production. Adam wishes to be cremated… but only once he’s dead.

Picture source: Adam Fresco painted by British artist, MAX HAGUE (1996, Oil on Canvas, from the Berwick Museum & Art Gallery collection)

Catherine George

Theatre Reviewer

Catherine George

Catherine has had a long involvement with the arts, starting with entertaining her nanny’s Meals on Wheels recipients with her rendition of Tom Jones “What’s New Pussycat” aged 4. This highlight was soon trumped by performing in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat alongside a very young Rob Guest.

Passionate about all things arts, but particularly children’s and youth theatre and the development of emerging artists, Catherine is on the Board of the National Youth Theatre Company and Auckland Fringe Trust. Catherine’s day job is as a Senior Advisor at the ASB Community Trust, where she has worked for several years.

When not going to theatre, talking about theatre or working behind the scenes in a variety of guises, she spends her spare time art journaling and singing along to Taylor Swift and Biffy Clyro in the car with her long suffering partner and 3 teenage sons.

Be Our Guest on Sunday

KickArts - Auckland's comprehensive art show is open to all artists in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand and in the World.

Do you have a new album, exhibition, show, movie or arts event? Then KickArts is your prime place to talk about it. Our relaxed panel format means you get to discuss your project, your background and your views on arts in New Zealand with Richard and the other guests.

It is simple to get in touch with KickArts. Just email to, tell us briefly about your project and how we can get in touch with you.

Once all has been sorted, just book your Sunday evening, because we are live! The show will start at 8.35pm and run till 10.05pm. We encourage our guests to stay the whole show. Just reach the studio about 15 minutes in advance so we can have the change to talk a little bit before it starts.

KickArts' Studio

KickArts goes live every Sunday night at 8.00pm from the PlanetFM's studios. To reach them just take a look at the map and read the simple instructions bellow.

How to reach 79 Carrington Road:

  • Enter via Unitec-Gate 1 and turn into the narrow lane first on the left.
  • Park only in designated carparks.
  • Exit via the one-way system.

Other ways to reach us without a car:

  • There is a railway station in Mt. Albert and a 2km walk.
  • There is a range of bus services.
  • There are cycle tracks alongside the north western motorway.
  • You can enter from Gt. North Road, on foot or bicycle via the walking track.